Ellerbe Hometown Christmas

The town of Ellerbe held their “Hometown Christmas Event” tonight.  Businesses stayed open past normal business hours to serve snacks and goods to the locals.  The town lit their tree, sponsored hayrides and featured band performances.

Above:  The girl on the right is my Facebook buddy Meredith.  It was nice to finally meet her in person tonight.

Above:  This little stove kept a lot of us warm!

Above:  Many of the downtown businesses were decked out for Christmas.

Above:  These candles lit up the Ellerbe intersection.  It was quite beautiful.

Above  One of the many stations serving warm drinks and popcorn.

Above:  Sentry Hardware was one of the business serving refreshments.

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6 Responses to “Ellerbe Hometown Christmas”

  1. Brittnie says:

    I absolutely love you!

  2. […] returning home from the Ellerbe Hometown Christmas Event, Michele and I parked on the couch to relax.  I looked over to her and had an overwhelming […]

  3. Libby says:

    Duane, it was good to see you at Ellerbe’s “Hometown Christmas” event. You’ve captured some great images of very familiar faces. 🙂

  4. Dianne Emanuel says:

    I was the chairperson of the decorating committee. This is the first time I have seen these pics. They are great.

  5. Duane says:

    Hi Dianne. I’m so happy you got to see them!

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