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Natalie’s Senior Portraits

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

This was my first time working with Natalie.  She has posed before and was very comfortable with things.  I found out at the end that she is a former cheerleader and dancer.  That being the case, I am sure she will be posted on this blog again in the future.  I have a few dance images I want to try out.

Both of us braved LOTS of mosquitoes for this image. I’m glad we did!

I tried to back light Natalie as much as possible. Her hair is amazing when lit properly.

A little bit of Jessica Rabbit here!

Thanks Natalie! I hope we get to play together again. -duane

Brandi and Chris’ Engagement Session

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

There just isn’t enough light in a day when it comes to working with Brandi and Chris.  Both are photographers themselves. If the sun had not set, I could have kept shooting.  They are such a joy to work with, that it doesn’t seem like work.  I was honored when I was asked to capture their day.  Anytime another photographer hires me, I feel especially grateful.

Thanks Brandi and Chris.  And congratulations!

Marcie and Ben’s Engagement Session

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

This was my first shoot in Bennettsville, SC.  I do not get this way often.  I was amazed at the photogenic locations to be had.  Marci, Ben, and I had much fun shooting in and around this historic home across the street from their wedding site.

This was a favorite of ours. It was printed on canvas and gifted to Marci and Ben.

Marci is quite adorable with those boots!

The colorful landscaping at the house made for striking background colors.

We were allowed to go into the attic of the house. It made for great window lighting!

There is an old barn type building in the back. Structures like this make for great black and white images.

We ended the session by going to the church across the street and playing on the swings!

Thanks so much to Marci and Ben for choosing me as their photographer.  I will have their wedding images up soon!


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